Are We Really Getting The Cheapest Personal Loan?


No one wants to pay a fortune on interest just because they have borrowed it, that is clear. However, the cheapest personal loan is not always the best choice when looking for the best options. It’s worth your while to think about what you should choose, and with this post, we’ll give you a starting point.

What items should we always look at in the offer?


If we assume that cheapness may not be the main consideration for customers, then a dozen other types of credit may come to the fore, which may make them more profitable, even if interest rates are higher.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter what conditions the bank puts in for a loan that looks cheaper. Don’t be fooled, be sure to take these into consideration when you are preparing for a loan:

There is no minimum of three months’ employment

There is no minimum three months

This is a serious problem when borrowing, as most banks require a minimum of three, and in many cases a minimum of six months, for a personal loan. If you are not already here but need credit, you cannot afford the luxury of measuring THM but taking what you get. In such a case, the few lenders who can lend can, of course, do so at a higher interest rate premium, since the customer risk is higher.

If we called the previous case a serious problem, this is downright catastrophic: banks do not lend to someone who is in default with another loan, so it is on the Central Credit Information System’s negative debtors list. Of course, there are always exceptions.

There is still a chance for a small loan, but only under strict conditions. This, of course, also means a higher interest rate, but if you have no chance of borrowing elsewhere and are in dire need of a loan, you can only turn to this solution. As a Good Finance, use this credit calculator to find solutions to your financial problems.

You are not getting the credit you need

You are not getting the credit you need

The higher the amount you take with valuable collateral for a longer maturity, the lower the interest rate may be. But what if you don’t need that much money or you want to pay off your apartment quickly and you don’t want to risk your apartment? If these are more important factors than how much you will repay at the end of the term, it is better not to borrow a larger loan for a better interest rate over a longer period.

Of course, it is no longer a wise decision, because without financial planning you can at any time slip into repayment, which can be fatal.