Personal Loans to Debate

The Internet has also contributed to creating new financial offers. Before the implementation of the global network, there was hardly any talk of personal loans that were timidly advertised in a newspaper and little else did not reach the great mass.

On the other hand, today, immediate personal loans on the internet are the order of the day and thousands of people come every day. The consumer profile of these credits ranges from that of a young man, from 20 to 22 years old, a student and that of men and women over 40, working but without a fixed payroll, but there are many more who access these offers.

The private financial companies are making their August with these loans or mini-credits of the little amount that cannot be accessed through the banking entities. Also, the big telephone companies, like Lovimoon have announced that they would begin to give these loans through the network. In this case, the news came in June of this year, when Lovimoon announced that it was launching express loans of up to 3,000 euros with its company Lovimoon money.


The debt of Spanish households has risen, according to data issued by the Bank of Cream

These consumer loans make living in debt can be a way of life that is established, with all the harm that this entails, but there are economists who try to give social value to these loans that ask people who otherwise could not have cash.

Meanwhile, the debt of Spanish households has risen, according to data issued by the Bank of Cream at the beginning of this month of November, and currently stands at over 6,000 million euros. Since the beginning of the economic crisis, this has been the first time that it has done so and it is not the mortgage loans that drive it but these personal loans.

Those who have not done anything other than borrow has been the American students and not only because the graduation deadlines are not always fixed and cannot be incorporated into the working world as soon as they wanted to settle the debts they contracted when enrolling in the university career, but because they are storing debt from these personal loans.


How to request personal mini-credits to pay back in installments

Access to them is very easy, just be a citizen of each country, prove it by indicating a DNI number and the operation is done online. Even those on the delinquent lists like the ASNEf can have their money in a short time entered into the checking account.

The facilities are many and the disadvantages only one, the high interest paid for them. The comparative pages, some of them very serious, do the following, inform consumers of the loans and their conditions , but still the consumer still does not know what he signs and that is used by certain financiers to stipulate abusive clauses in the contracts, because these credits, in particular, can save us from a bad time but they are also the scenario in which usury and abuse best moves.

All care is shortly before requesting a fast loan of these characteristics for which you can pay up to 4,000% and without having any official control over the financial one that grants it because the financial globality has arrived to stay and make proper use of She will depend on consumers.