Bobbi Leet (Stanford)

Team of the Year

  • 2016-2017: T-116th

Varsity Team Results

4th Yale IV (2015-2016)
16th Columbia (APDA Meeting) (2016-2017)
2nd Yale IV (2016-2017)
3rd Yale ProAms (2016-2017)
3rd Yale IV (2017-2018)
3rd Mexico Worlds IV (2017-2018)
9th Hart House NorthAms (2017-2018)

Novice Team Results

4th The College of New Jersey II Nationals (2014-2015)

Varsity Speaker Results

3rd Yale IV (2016-2017)
9th Yale ProAms (2016-2017)
3rd Yale IV (2017-2018)
8th Mexico Worlds IV (2017-2018)
4th Hart House NorthAms (2017-2018)

Novice Speaker Results

6th NYU NorthAms (2014-2015)