Bryn Mawr (2008-2009)

35 teams and 44 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Elizabeth Zahler (NYU) and Leah Storer (American)
2nd Julie Baker and Matthew Tilghman (Swarthmore)
3rd Benjamin Strahs and Alex Rosenberg (William and Mary)
4th Samantha Hynes and Matt Herdman (William and Mary)
5th Philip Cardarella and Alyssa Carlson (American)
6th Alex Warso and Lucas Janes (Swarthmore)
7th Arly Gease and Anson Stewart (Swarthmore)
8th Jordan Bernhardt and Cyrus Stoller (Swarthmore)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Elizabeth Zahler (NYU)
2nd Leah Storer (American)
3rd Benjamin Strahs (William and Mary)
4th Samantha Hynes (William and Mary)
5th Julie Baker (Swarthmore)
6th Cyrus Stoller (Swarthmore)
7th Omar Qureshi (Johns Hopkins)
8th Shrivats Iyer (Johns Hopkins)
9th Matthew Tilghman (Swarthmore)
10th Charlie Metzger (Princeton)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Omar Qureshi (Johns Hopkins)
2nd Charlie Metzger (Princeton)
3rd Alyssa Carlson (American)
4th Alex Rosenberg (William and Mary)
5th Justin Routt (Penn)
6th Alex Warso (Swarthmore)