Amherst (2005-2006)

39 teams and 41 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Samuel Myat San and Allen Ewalt (Harvard)
2nd Zach Cafritz and Mike Birnbaum (Harvard)
3rd Adam Bonnifield and Amanda Fuller (Cornell)
4th Chris Daubert and Cat Biddle (NYU)
5th Don Trella and Rob Glunt (Brown)
6th Brian Schon and Rebecca Collins (Brandeis)
7th Benjamin Belser and Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
8th Matt Hendrickson and Luis Bacalao (Cornell)
9th Mark Samburg and Alex Levine (Brandeis)
10th Dennis Reardon and Kyle Wende (Boston University)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Rob Glunt (Cornell)
2nd Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
3rd Adam Bonnifield (Cornell)
4th Amanda Fuller (Wesleyan)
5th Mark Samburg (Brandeis)
6th Dennis Reardon (Boston University)
7th Zach Cafritz (Harvard)
8th Brian Schon (Brandeis)
9th Meg Dallet (Vassar)
10th Mike Birnbaum (Harvard)

Novice Team Results

1st Rich Boltizar and Unknown Ramish (Stanford)
2nd Rebecca Sivitz and Dan Blynn (Brandeis)
3rd Toni Latimer and Uknown Chisholm (Wesleyan)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Jai Krishnan (Stanford)
2nd Joel Todoroff (Brandeis)
3rd Alex Levine (Brandeis)
4th Jennifer Tarr (Brown)
5th Rocky Lotito (Boston University)
6th Benjamin Belser (Harvard)
7th Mallory SoRelle (Smith)
8th Kyle Wende (Boston University)
9th Sara LaCava (Vassar)
10th Rebecca Sivitz (Brandeis)