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The College of New Jersey (2011-2012)

33 teams and 39 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Rohan Jotwani and Hussein Elbakri (Columbia)
2nd Alena Stern and Alex Rosenberg (William and Mary)
3rd Reid Bagwell and Denise Yu (Columbia)
4th Adam Bomeisl and Russell Potter (Rutgers)
5th Matt Herdman and Alex Vargo (William and Mary)
6th David Mok-Lamme and Andrew Waks (Swarthmore)
7th Chris Bergman and Ashley Novak (Rutgers)
8th Bernardo Sarmiento and Katie Bentivoglio (Columbia)
9th Kyle Bomeisl and Stephen Yellin (Rutgers)
10th Gareth Horell and Robert Klap (Fordham)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Matt Herdman (William and Mary)
2nd Chris Bergman (Rutgers)
3rd David Mok-Lamme (Swarthmore)
4th Andrew Waks (Swarthmore)
5th Alex Rosenberg (William and Mary)
6th Rohan Jotwani (Columbia)
7th Kyle Bomeisl (Rutgers)
8th Katie Bentivoglio (Columbia)
9th Shomik Ghosh (NYU)
10th Gareth Horell (Fordham)

Novice Team Results

1st Shomik Ghosh and Nathaniel White (NYU)
2nd Alan Ramey and David Stauffer (American)
3rd Henry Phipps and Alex Jubb (Rutgers)
4th Andrew Min and Alvaro Cuba (Princeton)
5th Quinn Maingi and Kurt Falk (Rutgers)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Andrew Waks (Swarthmore)
2nd Shomik Ghosh (NYU)
3rd Henry Phipps (Rutgers)
4th Quinn Maingi (Rutgers)
5th Kurt Falk (Rutgers)
6th Nathaniel White (NYU)
7th Hussein Elbakri (Columbia)
8th Nick Guida (Rutgers)
9th Russell Potter (Rutgers)
10th David Stauffer (American)