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Syracuse NorthAms (2012-2013)

50 teams and 50 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Coulter King and Josh Zoffer (Harvard)
2nd Steven Penner and Brent Schmidt (Hart House)
3rd Ben Kornfeld and Robert Colonel (Yale)
4th Michael Barton and Zach Bakal (Yale)
5th Max Dovala and Andrew Connery (Yale)
6th Aaron Hakim and Sesenu Woldemariam (Yale)
7th Eric Brooks and Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)
8th Russell Leibowitz and Keith Barry (Brandeis)
9th Jon Haderlein and Tinley Melvin (University of Chicago)
10th Nathaniel Donahue and Ben Sprung-Keyser (Harvard)
11th Diana Holloway and Amelia McLeod (Queen's University)
12th Ashley Novak and Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
13th Rich Weisbach and Sarah Margulies (Brandeis)
14th Allison Douglis and Nathaniel Rubin (Yale)
15th Chris Bergman and Quinn Maingi (Rutgers)
16th Brad Burns and David Altman (Brandeis)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Coulter King (Harvard)
2nd Ben Kornfeld (Yale)
3rd Josh Zoffer (Harvard)
4th Ashley Novak (Rutgers)
5th Max Dovala (Yale)
6th Michael Barton (Yale)
7th Robert Colonel (Yale)
8th Andrew Connery (Yale)
9th Jon Haderlein (University of Chicago)
10th Zach Bakal (Yale)
11th Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)
12th Sesenu Woldemariam (Yale)
13th Steven Penner (Hart House)
14th Ben Sprung-Keyser (Harvard)
15th Matt Arons (Princeton)
16th Sarah Margulies (Brandeis)

Novice Team Results

1st Kaleem Hawa and Aislin Flynn (Hart House)
2nd Charlotte Chun and Duncan Hosie (Princeton)
3rd Tavish Logan and Kate McNeil (Queen's University)
4th Justin Ying and Maheer Iqbal (Cornell)
5th Greg O'Rourke and Ryan Affallah (Stanford)
6th Jack Reed and Hannah Schoen (Princeton)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Justin Ying (Cornell)
2nd Kaleem Hawa (Hart House)
3rd Aislin Flynn (Hart House)
4th Cameron Climie (Carleton University - Ottawa)
5th Charlotte Chun (Princeton)
6th Tavish Logan (Queen's University)
7th Ryan Affallah (Stanford)
8th Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
9th Jevan Hudson (Cornell)
10th Brian Moore (Princeton)