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West Point (2012-2013)

53 teams and 51 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Zach Bakal and Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)
2nd Reid Bagwell (Columbia) and Shomik Ghosh (NYU)
3rd David Mok-Lamme and Andrew Waks (Swarthmore)
4th Sam Chirtel and David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
5th Sammy Floyd and Molly Lonigan (Smith)
6th Dan Cobos (George Washington) and Jenny Koch (Swarthmore)
7th Adam Rosenberg and Griffin Olmstead (Swarthmore)
8th Henry Phipps and Alex Jubb (Rutgers)
9th Isabelle Klinghoffer and Raymond Wright (NYU)
10th Cary Glynn and Jacob Grunberger (Johns Hopkins)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Andrew Waks (Swarthmore)
2nd Reid Bagwell (Columbia)
3rd Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)
4th Zach Bakal (Yale)
5th Shomik Ghosh (NYU)
6th David Mok-Lamme (Swarthmore)
7th David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
8th Raymond Wright (NYU)
9th Dan Cobos (George Washington)
10th Chris Bergman (Rutgers)

Novice Team Results

1st Isabelle Klinghoffer and Raymond Wright (NYU)
2nd Isaac Dulin and Jodie Goodman (Swarthmore)
3rd Matt Zavislan and Hannah Matsunaga (Vassar)
4th Adira Levine and Edwin Zhang (Yale)
5th Jeff Leibenhaut and Brian Litchfield (Princeton)
6th Reed Berry and Ben Della Roca (Yale)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Raymond Wright (NYU)
2nd Jodie Goodman (Swarthmore)
3rd Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
4th Isabelle Klinghoffer (NYU)
5th Daniel Takash (Johns Hopkins)
6th Adira Levine (Yale)
7th Edwin Zhang (Yale)
8th Isaac Dulin (Swarthmore)
9th Jackson Galloway (American)
10th Matt Zavislan (Vassar)