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Brown (2013-2014)

81 teams and 98 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Josh Zoffer and Shomik Ghosh (Harvard)
2nd Michael Barton and Zach Bakal (Yale)
3rd Matt Summers and Taylor Blackburn (Bates)
4th Oliver Simon and David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
5th Eric Brooks and Diana Li (Yale)
6th Maddie Powell and Alden Burnham (Boston University)
7th Claire Branch and Brian Litchfield (Princeton)
8th Joanna Zheng and Allison Douglis (Yale)
9th Russell Leibowitz and Michael Norton (Brandeis)
10th Shira Almeleh and Megan Elsayed (Brandeis)
11th Nathaniel Donahue and RJ Teoh (Harvard)
12th Sarah Margulies and Veronica Saltzman (Brandeis)
13th Anirudh Sivaram and Nathaniel Rubin (Yale)
14th Jess Maskin (Brandeis) and Nate Rifkin (Middlebury)
15th Lauren Blonde and Tony Nguyen (Yale)
16th Adira Levine and Edwin Zhang (Yale)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Josh Zoffer (Harvard)
2nd Claire Branch (Princeton)
3rd Shomik Ghosh (Harvard)
4th Russell Leibowitz (Brandeis)
5th Michael Barton (Yale)
6th Maddie Powell (Boston University)
7th David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
8th Eric Brooks (Yale)
9th Taylor Blackburn (Bates)
10th Diana Li (Yale)

Novice Team Results

1st Adil Hakeem and Henry Zhang (Yale)
2nd Matthew Kahn and Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates)
3rd Jake Villarreal and Matt Stone (Bates)
4th Dhruva Bhat and Andrew Ma (Harvard)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Henry Zhang (Yale)
2nd Dhruva Bhat (Harvard)
3rd Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates)
4th Sam Wood (Stanford)
5th Ellen Taube (Boston University)
6th Jake Villarreal (Bates)
7th Devin Krok (Stanford)
8th Christina Gilbert (Stanford)
9th Mike Stone (Bates)
10th Matthew Kahn (Bates)