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American ProAms (2013-2014)

100 teams and 118 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Joseph Eddy and Duncan Dickerson (Columbia)
2nd Shomik Ghosh (Harvard) and Alex Maxwell (George Washington)
3rd Thomas Mattessich and Andrew Kropp-Sullivan (William and Mary)
4th Jeff Leibenhaut and Nathan Raab (Princeton)
5th Dan Cobos and Tushar Madan (George Washington)
6th Joanna Zheng and Nikki Hwang (Yale)
7th David Mok-Lamme and Patrick Holland (Swarthmore)
8th Oliver Simon and Edmund Duhaime (Johns Hopkins)
9th Allison Douglis and Megan Wilson (Yale)
10th Claire Branch and Matt Chuckran (Princeton)
11th Juliana Vigorito and Crystal Lee (Johns Hopkins)
12th Kee En Chong and Austin Cohen (Georgetown)
13th Ashley Novak and Lin Lan (Rutgers)
14th David Israel and Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins)
15th Lizz Crivaro and Zach Schaub (University of Pittsburgh)
16th Brittany Pouliot and Anna Olevsky (George Washington)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Ashley Novak (Rutgers)
2nd Quinn Maingi (Rutgers)
3rd David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
4th Shomik Ghosh (Harvard)
5th Joanna Zheng (Yale)
6th Oliver Simon (Johns Hopkins)
7th Dan Cobos (George Washington)
8th Griffin Olmstead (Swarthmore)
9th Brad Cohn (University of Chicago)
10th Austin Cohen (Georgetown)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Austin Cohen (Georgetown)
2nd Keizra Mecklai (Duke)
3rd Katherine Shen (University of Chicago)
4th Nicholas Horvath (Princeton)
5th Suraj Oza (Rutgers)
6th Elizabeth Davies (Duke)
7th Tara Bansal (Duke)
8th Anna Olevsky (George Washington)
9th Zach Schaub (University of Pittsburgh)
10th Geneva Kropper (Maryland)