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Carleton University - Ottawa NorthAms (2013-2014)

0 teams and 0 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Louis Tsilivis and Kaya Ellis (Hart House)
2nd Sarah Balakrishnan and Cole Bricker (McGill)
3rd Sam Greene and Joe McGrade (Hart House)
4th Ezra Cohen and Daniel Milton (McGill)
5th Michael Barton and Zach Bakal (Yale)
6th Claire Branch and Nathan Raab (Princeton)
7th Veenu Goswami and Murphy O'Connor (Hart House)
8th Russell Leibowitz and Shira Almeleh (Brandeis)
9th Brad Burns and David Altman (Brandeis)
10th Aislin Flynn and Kathleen Elhatton-Lake (Hart House)
11th Nathaniel Donahue and Bo Seo (Harvard)
12th Brent Schmidt and Victoria Hale (Western)
13th Joanna Zheng and Allison Douglis (Yale)
14th Nathaniel Rubin and Reed Berry (Yale)
15th Adam Kovacs-Litman and Katherine Fu (Queen's University)
16th Amelia McLeod and Julia Kirby (Queen's University)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Michael Barton (Yale)
2nd Veenu Goswami (Hart House)
3rd Kaya Ellis (Hart House)
4th Sam Greene (Hart House)
5th Louis Tsilivis (Hart House)
6th Joe McGrade (Hart House)
7th Sarah Balakrishnan (McGill)
8th Cole Bricker (McGill)
9th Murphy O'Connor (Hart House)
10th Brent Schmidt (Western)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Bo Seo (Harvard)
2nd Nathan Raab (Princeton)
3rd Henry Zhang (Yale)
4th Oliver Bjornsson (McGill)
5th Devin Krok (Stanford)
6th Tarang Marathe (Hart House)
7th Evan Lynyak (Yale)
8th Jake Goulder (Stanford)
9th Christina Gilbert (Stanford)
10th Alex Jacobsen (Yale)