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The College of New Jersey (2013-2014)

55 teams and 61 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Michael Barton and Joanna Zheng (Yale)
2nd Bernardo Sarmiento and Rishab Guha (Columbia)
3rd Alexa Semonche and Adele Zhang (Columbia)
4th Jordan Dale and Priyanha Nadanasabesan (George Washington)
5th David Mok-Lamme and Jodie Goodman (Swarthmore)
6th Randi Saunders and David Stauffer (American)
7th Ashe Girard and Frankie Orrico (American)
8th Henry Phipps and Rachel Moon (Rutgers)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Rishab Guha (Columbia)
2nd Joanna Zheng (Yale)
3rd Aaron Murphy (William and Mary)
4th Michael Barton (Yale)
5th Henry Phipps (Rutgers)
6th David Mok-Lamme (Swarthmore)
7th David Stauffer (American)
8th Bernardo Sarmiento (Columbia)
9th Alexa Semonche (Columbia)
10th Jodie Goodman (Swarthmore)

Novice Team Results

1st William Meyer and Patrick Holland (Swarthmore)
2nd Delaney Herndon and Laila Robbins (Yale)
3rd Nathan Raab and Matt Chuckran (Princeton)
4th Vidhaath Sripathi and Suraj Oza (Rutgers)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
2nd Frankie Orrico (American)
3rd Tanner Terry (Columbia)
4th Delaney Herndon (Yale)
5th Laila Robbins (Yale)
6th Andrew Kropp-Sullivan (William and Mary)
7th Nathan Raab (Princeton)
8th Nimit Jindal (Rutgers)
9th Zach Sinkiewicz (Rutgers)
10th William Meyer (Swarthmore)