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University of Albany (2013-2014)

34 teams and 38 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Nick Cugini and Diana Li (Yale)
2nd Nick Hansen and Rachel Moon (Rutgers)
3rd David Altman and Tim Luciano (Brandeis)
4th Megan Wilson and Evan Lynyak (Yale)
5th Quinn Maingi and Russell Potter (Rutgers)
6th Allison Douglis and Nathaniel Rubin (Yale)
7th Alex Jubb and Deepta Janardhan (Rutgers)
8th Reed Berry and Adira Levine (Yale)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Russell Potter (Rutgers)
2nd Nick Cugini (Yale)
3rd Nate Rifkin (Middlebury)
4th David Altman (Brandeis)
5th Allison Douglis (Yale)
6th Quinn Maingi (Rutgers)
7th Deepta Janardhan (Rutgers)
8th Diana Li (Yale)
9th Kate Epstein (Tufts)
10th Alex Jubb (Rutgers)

Novice Team Results

1st Megan Wilson and Evan Lynyak (Yale)
2nd Ali Ismail and Nimit Jindal (Rutgers)
3rd Zachary Young and Philip Groenwegen (Yale)
4th Zach Sinkiewicz (Rutgers) and Rose Cote (Syracuse)
5th James Knight and Mike Syku (Fordham)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Megan Wilson (Yale)
2nd Evan Lynyak (Yale)
3rd Tim Luciano (Brandeis)
4th Nick Hansen (Rutgers)
5th Ben Lewson (Tufts)
6th Nimit Jindal (Rutgers)
7th Ali Ismail (Rutgers)
8th Rose Cote (Syracuse)
9th Drew Latimer (Tufts)
10th Philip Groenwegen (Yale)