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Penn Nationals (2013-2014)

84 teams and 60 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Michael Barton and Zach Bakal (Yale)
2nd Quinn Maingi and Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
3rd Nathaniel Donahue and Shomik Ghosh (Harvard)
4th Shira Almeleh and Michael Norton (Brandeis)
5th Jean McCabe and Alex Mechanick (Brown)
6th Tony Nguyen and Edwin Zhang (Yale)
7th Joanna Zheng and Allison Douglis (Yale)
8th David Israel and Juliana Vigorito (Johns Hopkins)
9th Matt Summers and Taylor Blackburn (Bates)
10th Joseph Eddy and Chris Meyer (Columbia)
11th Ashe Girard and Dan Cobos (American)
12th Thomas Mattessich and Aaron Murphy (William and Mary)
13th Claire Branch and Nathan Raab (Princeton)
14th Eric Brooks and Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)
15th Nick Cugini and Diana Li (Yale)
16th Jordan Dale and Priyanha Nadanasabesan (George Washington)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Shomik Ghosh (Harvard)
2nd Shira Almeleh (Brandeis)
3rd Claire Branch (Princeton)
4th Nathaniel Donahue (Harvard)
5th Zach Bakal (Yale)
6th Taylor Blackburn (Bates)
7th Joseph Eddy (Columbia)
8th Jean McCabe (Brown)
9th Michael Barton (Yale)
10th Juliana Vigorito (Johns Hopkins)

Novice Team Results

1st Bo Seo and Fanele Mashwama (Harvard)
2nd Gerry Jamison and Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary)
3rd Matthew Kahn and Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates)
4th William Meyer and Patrick Holland (Swarthmore)
5th Harry Zhang and Crystal Lee (Johns Hopkins)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Nathan Raab (Princeton)
2nd Bo Seo (Harvard)
3rd Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
4th William Meyer (Swarthmore)
5th Fanele Mashwama (Harvard)
6th Frankie Orrico (American)
7th Arianna Israel (NYU)
8th Vidhaath Sripathi (Rutgers)
9th Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary)
10th Henry Zhang (Yale)