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Boston University Novice (2014-2015)

0 teams and 0 novices

Novice Team Results

1st Mars He and Saksham Jain (Harvard)
2nd Morry Kolman and Allegra Simon (Williams)
3rd Danny Debois and Pavan Hegde (Harvard)
4th Kyle Hietala and Mojmir Stehlik (Yale)
5th Charlotte Lawrence and Justin Katz (Yale)
6th Yerin Yang and Ayanda Heita (Dartmouth)
7th Sam Feinburg and Miles Saffran (Yale)
8th Mary Spanders and Caitlin Fischer (MIT)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Danny Debois (Harvard)
2nd Morry Kolman (Williams)
3rd Mars He (Harvard)
4th Yerin Yang (Dartmouth)
5th Allegra Simon (Williams)
6th Justin Katz (Yale)
7th Kyle Hietala (Yale)
8th Nicholas Quah (Brown)
9th Charlotte Lawrence (Yale)
10th Benjamin Stalnaker (Brown)