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Northeastern ProAms (2014-2015)

84 teams and 84 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st David Altman and Sneha Walia (Brandeis)
2nd Alex Mechanick and Nicholas Quah (Brown)
3rd Michael Norton and Kevin Healey (Brandeis)
4th Fanele Mashwama and Krysiana Papadakis (Harvard)
5th Henry Zhang and Justin Katz (Yale)
6th Vegas Longlois and Joel Kwartler (Harvard)
7th Drew Latimer and Willy Clements (Tufts)
8th Sarah Margulies and Samuel Schwartz (Brandeis)
9th Danny Debois and Mars He (Harvard)
10th Nathaniel Donahue and Saksham Jain (Harvard)
11th Zoe Seaman-Grant and Anna Mendonça (Bates)
12th Laura Coughlin and Julie Scott (Boston University)
13th Ryan Cenek and David Zhang (Amherst)
14th Alden Burnham and Ben Gaudiosi (Boston University)
15th Noah Kirsch and Zach Kirsch (Tufts)
16th Quang Nguyen and Imad Rajwani (Bates)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Nathaniel Donahue (Harvard)
2nd Alex Mechanick (Brown)
3rd Amelia Berg (Brandeis)
4th Vegas Longlois (Harvard)
5th Sarah Margulies (Brandeis)
6th Michael Norton (Brandeis)
7th Danny Debois (Harvard)
8th Rebecca Heller (Georgetown)
9th Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates)
10th Drew Latimer (Tufts)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Danny Debois (Harvard)
2nd Ryan Cenek (Amherst)
3rd Sneha Walia (Brandeis)
4th Mars He (Harvard)
5th Stitch Sul (Yale)
6th Nicholas Quah (Brown)
7th Miles Saffran (Yale)
8th Walker Mayer (Yale)
9th Kevin Healey (Brandeis)
10th Justin Katz (Yale)