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The College of New Jersey (2014-2015)

55 teams and 42 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st David Israel and Katy Li (Johns Hopkins)
2nd Rishab Guha and Adele Zhang (Columbia)
3rd Nathan Raab and Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
4th Quinn Maingi and Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
5th Emily Ray and Matthew Rohn (Franklin and Marshall)
6th Matthew Gombos and Marcelle Meyer (Fordham)
7th Lauren Blonde and Edwin Zhang (Yale)
8th Daniel Takash (Johns Hopkins) and Katie Haynes (Georgetown)
9th Kyle Grigel (Penn) and Gavri Schreiber (Maryland)
10th Aaron Murphy and Jack Hoagland (William and Mary)
11th Ryan Hautigan and Austin Cohen (Georgetown)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Kyle Grigel (Penn)
2nd David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
4th Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
5th Quinn Maingi (Rutgers)
6th Noah Liebmiller (Middlebury)
7th Nathan Raab (Princeton)
8th Rishab Guha (Columbia)
9th Emily Ray (Franklin and Marshall)
10th Edwin Zhang (Yale)

Novice Team Results

1st Benjamin Stalnaker and Alex Adia (Brown)
2nd Aspen Wang and Carolyn Liziewski (Princeton)
3rd Marina Tan and Miles Saffran (Yale)
4th Christopher Taylor and Victorio Cabrera (Yale)
5th Sarthak Agrawal and Sam Lewis (University of Chicago)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Noah Liebmiller (Middlebury)
2nd Katy Li (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Alex Adia (Brown)
4th Miriam Pierson (Swarthmore)
5th Christopher Taylor (Yale)
6th Benjamin Stalnaker (Brown)
7th Carolyn Liziewski (Princeton)
8th Miles Saffran (Yale)
9th Sarthak Agrawal (University of Chicago)
10th Aspen Wang (Princeton)