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Syracuse (2014-2015)

29 teams and 29 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Isabel Bejarano and Priyanha Nadanasabesan (George Washington)
2nd Steven Hess and Brian Melniker (George Washington)
3rd Tyler Arnold and Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
4th Brittany Pouliot and David Wang (George Washington)
5th Jess Maskin and Paige Lurie (Brandeis)
6th Maria LaBella and Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)
7th Amelia Berg and Henry Snow (Brandeis)
8th Frankie Orrico and Alex Patel (American)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
2nd David Altman (Brandeis)
3rd Steven Hess (George Washington)
4th Priyanha Nadanasabesan (George Washington)
5th Frankie Orrico (American)
6th Jess Maskin (Brandeis)
7th David Wang (George Washington)
8th Tyler Arnold (George Washington)
9th Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)
10th Isabel Bejarano (George Washington)

Novice Team Results

1st Maria LaBella and Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)
2nd Zoe Morgan (American) and Ben Gaudiosi (Boston University)
3rd Reese Thompson and Teddy McKenna (Hamilton)
4th Maya Simkin (American) and Julie Scott (Boston University)
5th Antony Manokhin and Anish Kanoria (Vassar)
6th Iris Calderon and Abhishek Kulkarni (Brandeis)
7th DeAnthony Coates and Sydney Filliault (Odette)
8th Alex Lister and Kyle Crossman (Odette)

Novice Speaker Results

1st David Wang (George Washington)
2nd Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)
3rd Brian Melniker (George Washington)
4th Maria LaBella (George Washington)
5th Zoe Morgan (American)
6th Alex Patel (American)
7th Teddy McKenna (Hamilton)
8th Anish Kanoria (Vassar)
9th Julie Scott (Boston University)
10th Maya Simkin (American)