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Yale ProAms (2014-2015)

93 teams and 109 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Alex Mechanick and Malik Jarvis (Brown)
2nd Nathaniel Donahue and Danny Debois (Harvard)
3rd David Israel and Michael Koo (Johns Hopkins)
4th Elana Leone and Harry Elliott (Stanford)
5th Aaron Murphy and Amelia Koby (William and Mary)
6th Brian Litchfield and Miranda Rosen (Princeton)
7th Hussein Elbakri and Ademali Sengal (Columbia)
8th David Altman and Kevin Healey (Brandeis)
9th Matt Summers and Imad Rajwani (Bates)
10th Taylor Blackburn and Olga Revzina (Bates)
11th Dhruva Bhat and Mars He (Harvard)
12th Peter Falk and Will Smith (Northeastern)
13th Chris Meyer and Danny Haidar (Columbia)
14th Adele Zhang and Maggie Mallarnee (Columbia)
15th Matt Conley and Alec Shea (Wesleyan)
16th Yidi Wu and Jonah Goldberg (Brown)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Aaron Murphy (William and Mary)
2nd David Israel (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Alex Mechanick (Brown)
4th Matt Summers (Bates)
5th Taylor Blackburn (Bates)
6th Nathaniel Donahue (Harvard)
7th Hussein Elbakri (Columbia)
8th Brian Litchfield (Princeton)
9th Michael Norton (Brandeis)
10th Adele Zhang (Columbia)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Mars He (Harvard)
2nd Harry Elliott (Stanford)
3rd Nicholas Quah (Brown)
4th Quito Tsui (Stanford)
5th Alec Shea (Wesleyan)
6th Will Smith (Northeastern)
7th Miranda Rosen (Princeton)
8th Danny Debois (Harvard)
9th Michael Koo (Johns Hopkins)
10th Ademali Sengal (Columbia)