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Penn (2015-2016)

77 teams and 82 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Andrew Bowles and David Wang (George Washington)
2nd Sean Leonard (Rutgers) and Matthew Rohn (Franklin and Marshall)
3rd Nathan Raab and Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
4th Daniel Takash (Johns Hopkins) and Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary)
5th Max Albert (Rutgers) and Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
6th Emma Ashe and Paul Drexler (University of Chicago)
7th Bharath Srivatsan and Jamie Hintson (Princeton)
8th James Knight and Mike Syku (Fordham)
9th Steven Hess and Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)
10th Brad Ewing (William and Mary) and Brian Melniker (George Washington)
11th Harry Zhang and Katy Li (Johns Hopkins)
12th Frankie Orrico (American) and Maria LaBella (George Washington)
13th Ryan Hautigan and Austin Cohen (Georgetown)
14th Jaewon Kim and Aspen Wang (Princeton)
15th Alex Rodriguez and David Dee (University of Virginia)
16th Kara Hurley and Marcelle Meyer (Fordham)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
2nd Nathan Raab (Princeton)
3rd David Wang (George Washington)
4th Steven Hess (George Washington)
5th Daniel Takash (Johns Hopkins)
6th Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
7th Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
8th Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary)
9th Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins)
10th Geneva Kropper (Maryland)

Novice Team Results

1st Max Albert (Rutgers) and Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
2nd Matthew Parodi and Yijia Liang (Princeton)
3rd Anastasia Repoliou and Connor Pfeiffer (Princeton)
4th Michael Pusic and Iris Fangou (Columbia)
5th Ben Anderson and Semilore Sobande (Stanford)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Max Albert (Rutgers)
2nd James Towne (Columbia)
3rd Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
4th Pasha Temkin (Rutgers)
5th Julia Alison (Stanford)
6th Ben Anderson (Stanford)
7th Anastasia Repoliou (Princeton)
8th Michael Pusic (Columbia)
9th Abby Marone (George Washington)
10th Connor Pfeiffer (Princeton)