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Boston University (2015-2016)

80 teams and 82 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Megan Wilson and Evan Lynyak (Yale)
2nd Jim Huang and Miles Saffran (Yale)
3rd Danny Debois and Mars He (Harvard)
4th Amelia Berg and Henry Snow (Brandeis)
5th Tiffany Keung and Yidi Wu (Brown)
6th Tim Luciano (Brandeis) and Drew Latimer (Tufts)
7th Joonpyo Sohn and Nicholas Quah (Brown)
8th Alyssa Adler and Danny Jaffe (Brandeis)
9th Ian Tarr and Ricky Cambo (Brown)
10th Pauline Day and Claudia Yau (Wellesley)
11th Nicolas Cathcart (Brown) and Joy Jing (Harvard)
12th Elaine He and Jack Glaser (Brown)
13th Justin Katz and Adela Lilollari (Yale)
14th Tony Nguyen and Marina Tan (Yale)
15th Edwin Zhang and Charlotte Lawrence (Yale)
16th Peter Falk and Sravya Nallaganchu (Northeastern)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Yidi Wu (Brown)
2nd Evan Lynyak (Yale)
3rd Nicholas Quah (Brown)
4th Jim Huang (Yale)
5th Miles Saffran (Yale)
6th Tiffany Keung (Brown)
7th Tim Luciano (Brandeis)
8th Alyssa Adler (Brandeis)
9th Megan Wilson (Yale)
10th Ricky Cambo (Brown)

Novice Team Results

1st Elaine He and Jack Glaser (Brown)
2nd Sophia Caldera and Caroline Wechsler (Harvard)
3rd Courtney Foster and Kayla Jackson (Bates)
4th William Ruff and Mohit Bhalodkar (Columbia)
5th Arnold Lee and Daniel Charnis (Columbia)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Elaine He (Brown)
2nd Jack Glaser (Brown)
3rd Courtney Foster (Bates)
4th Sophia Caldera (Harvard)
5th Mohit Bhalodkar (Columbia)
6th Arnold Lee (Columbia)
7th Daniel Charnis (Columbia)
8th William Ruff (Columbia)
9th Richard Tong (Harvard)
10th Adam Rapfogel (Tufts)