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Columbia (APDA Meeting) (2016-2017)

84 teams and 37 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Nathan Raab and Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
2nd Danny Debois and Mars He (Harvard)
3rd Harry Elliott and David Slater (Stanford)
4th Andrew Bowles and David Wang (George Washington)
5th Steven Hess and Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)
6th Malik Jarvis and Jonah Goldberg (Brown)
7th Jaewon Kim and Pragya Malik (Princeton)
8th Drew Latimer and Jeremy Chen (Tufts)
9th Yidi Wu (Brown) and Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary)
10th Pasha Temkin and Max Albert (Rutgers)
11th Frankie Orrico and Nena Gallegos (American)
12th Jasper Primack (Boston University) and Eitan Sapiro-Gheiler (Princeton)
13th Samuel Schwartz and Kevin Healey (Brandeis)
14th John Hunt and Sophia Caldera (Harvard)
15th Sandy Greenberg and Monica Chin (Brown)
16th Quito Tsui and Bobbi Leet (Stanford)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Nathan Raab (Princeton)
2nd Harry Elliott (Stanford)
3rd Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary)
4th Danny Debois (Harvard)
5th Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
6th Ellen Taube (Boston University)
7th David Slater (Stanford)
8th Ricky Cambo (Brown)
9th Pragya Malik (Princeton)
10th Nik Venkatasubramanian (George Washington)

Novice Team Results

1st Jessica Berry and Phyl Demetriou (William and Mary)
2nd Javaria Abbasi (University of Virginia) and Max Neuman (CUNY)
3rd Ricky Choi and Aditya Jayakrishnan (Swarthmore)
4th Nate Sumimoto and Evelyn White (George Washington)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Max Neuman (CUNY)
2nd Javaria Abbasi (University of Virginia)
3rd Jessica Berry (William and Mary)
4th Ricky Choi (Swarthmore)
5th Nate Sumimoto (George Washington)
6th Andrea Vacchiano (Rutgers)
7th Will Kay (Franklin and Marshall)
8th Phyl Demetriou (William and Mary)
9th Kalea Obermeyer (University of Virginia)
10th Grant Nilson (George Washington)