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Tufts II (2016-2017)

63 teams and 47 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Jim Huang and Miles Saffran (Yale)
2nd Ricky Cambo and Sandy Greenberg (Brown)
3rd Fanele Mashwama and Tejal Patwardhan (Harvard)
4th Danny Debois and Mars He (Harvard)
5th Justin Katz and Adela Lilollari (Yale)
6th Kyle Hietala and Marina Tan (Yale)
7th Malik Jarvis and Ruiya Du (Brown)
8th Eric Tannenbaum and Miguel O'Malley (The College of New Jersey)
9th Pasha Temkin and Max Albert (Rutgers)
10th Emma Ashe and Jakob Urda (University of Chicago)
11th Joonpyo Sohn and Reca Sarfati (Brown)
12th Caleb Foote and Yidi Wu (Brown)
13th Sarah Ryan and Cameron Cohen (Harvard)
14th William Arnesen and Deena Mousa (Yale)
15th Rachel Wallen (Brandeis) and Monica Chin (Brown)
16th Samuel Schwartz and Ravi Simon (Brandeis)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Fanele Mashwama (Harvard)
2nd Jim Huang (Yale)
3rd Malik Jarvis (Brown)
4th Danny Debois (Harvard)
5th Miles Saffran (Yale)
6th Ricky Cambo (Brown)
7th Max Albert (Rutgers)
8th Monica Chin (Brown)
9th Adela Lilollari (Yale)
10th Deena Mousa (Yale)

Novice Team Results

1st Sarah Ryan and Cameron Cohen (Harvard)
2nd William Arnesen and Deena Mousa (Yale)
3rd Charlie Barton and Dalton Boyt (Yale)
4th Sam Arnesen and An-Lanh Le (Princeton)
5th Molly Rocca (Brandeis) and Tanay Patri (Northeastern)
6th Elizabeth Eigner and Sarah Bernt (Northeastern)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Deena Mousa (Yale)
2nd Cameron Cohen (Harvard)
3rd Tejal Patwardhan (Harvard)
4th William Arnesen (Yale)
5th Sarah Ryan (Harvard)
6th Sam Arnesen (Princeton)
7th Arun Sharma (Yale)
8th Tanay Patri (Northeastern)
9th Dalton Boyt (Yale)
10th Charlie Barton (Yale)