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William and Mary II (2016-2017)

34 teams and 27 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Caleb Foote (Brown) and Pasha Temkin (Rutgers)
2nd Frankie Orrico and Julie Scott (American)
3rd Katie Haynes and Matthew Kahn (Georgetown)
4th Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins) and Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
5th Andrew Bowles (George Washington) and David Wang (Unaffiliated)
6th Steven Hess and Jacob Zionts (George Washington)
7th Chiara Caraccio (Columbia) and Lydia Kim (George Washington)
8th Nik Venkatasubramanian and Jared Gaby-Biegel (George Washington)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
2nd Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Julie Scott (American)
4th Frankie Orrico (American)
5th Max Albert (Rutgers)
6th Caleb Foote (Brown)
7th Katie Haynes (Georgetown)
8th Chiara Caraccio (Columbia)
9th Matthew Kahn (Georgetown)
10th Jacob Zionts (George Washington)

Novice Team Results

1st Chiara Caraccio (Columbia) and Lydia Kim (George Washington)
2nd Lucia Yang (Georgetown) and Jared Stone (American)
3rd Maia Rosewelsh and Xavier Bisits (University of Virginia)
4th John Han and Sean Wells (University of Virginia)
5th James Capuzzi and Michelle Daker (Tulane)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Chiara Caraccio (Columbia)
2nd Jared Stone (American)
3rd Nate Sumimoto (George Washington)
4th Tiffany Yuan (Johns Hopkins)
5th Lucia Yang (Georgetown)
6th Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
7th Sahaj Sharda (Georgetown)
8th Grant Nilson (George Washington)
9th Maia Rosewelsh (University of Virginia)
10th James Capuzzi (Tulane)