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Northeastern ProAms (2017-2018)

90 teams and 100 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Jack Glaser and Amy Pu (Brown)
2nd Catherine Zheng and Priya Kukreja (Harvard)
3rd Danny Debois and Mimi Alphonsus (Harvard)
4th William Arnesen and Lorenzo Pinasco (Yale)
5th Tejal Patwardhan and Aditya Dhar (Harvard)
6th Marina Tan and Ko Lyn Cheang (Yale)
7th Karina Franke and Olivia Shoemaker (Yale)
8th Xavier Sottile and Jordan Farenhem (Yale)
9th Mars He and Annabelle Tao (Harvard)
10th Elaine He and Chris Morillo (Brown)
11th Deena Mousa and Lauren Singer (Yale)
12th Charlie Barton and Shreeya Singh (Yale)
13th Sam Huang and Phillip Maniscalo (Bates)
14th Michael Mao and Muhammed Munshi (Yale)
15th Reca Sarfati and Adriana Lorenzini (Brown)
16th Jasper Primack and Ian Crowell (Boston University)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Danny Debois (Harvard)
2nd Marina Tan (Yale)
3rd Elaine He (Brown)
4th William Arnesen (Yale)
5th Mars He (Harvard)
6th Rachel Gifeisman (Brandeis)
7th Sam Huang (Bates)
8th Sophia Caldera (Harvard)
9th Charlie Barton (Yale)
10th Xavier Sottile (Yale)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Ko Lyn Cheang (Yale)
2nd Lauren Singer (Yale)
3rd Mimi Alphonsus (Harvard)
4th Aditya Dhar (Harvard)
5th Olivia Shoemaker (Yale)
6th Zachary Intrater (Tufts)
7th Laurel Eddins (Smith)
8th Annabelle Tao (Harvard)
9th Elizabeth McGinn (Providence College)
10th Lorenzo Pinasco (Yale)