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NYU (2017-2018)

52 teams and 49 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Malik Jarvis and Sandy Greenberg (Brown)
2nd Alex Johnson and Vijay Ramanujan (Penn)
3rd Pasha Temkin and Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
4th Jared Stone and Nathan Master (American)
5th Zoe Morgan and Nena Gallegos (American)
6th Jack Glaser and Anagha Lokhande (Brown)
7th Adi Ram and Jay Gibbs (University of Chicago)
8th Yixuan Liu (University of Virginia) and Will Duanmu (Georgetown)
9th Eve Fidler and Javaria Abbasi (University of Virginia)
10th Ko Lyn Cheang and Lorenzo Pinasco (Yale)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Pasha Temkin (Rutgers)
2nd Malik Jarvis (Brown)
3rd Zoe Morgan (American)
4th Jack Glaser (Brown)
5th Alex Johnson (Penn)
6th Nena Gallegos (American)
7th Sandy Greenberg (Brown)
8th Eric Tannenbaum (The College of New Jersey)
9th Eve Fidler (University of Virginia)
10th Jared Stone (American)

Novice Team Results

1st Yixuan Liu (University of Virginia) and Will Duanmu (Georgetown)
2nd Ko Lyn Cheang and Lorenzo Pinasco (Yale)
3rd Anish Welde and Gabriel Koo (Penn)
4th Ben Koch and Katherine Ottenbreit (University of Chicago)
5th Mary Chao and Sydney Gelman (Penn)
6th Rajul Bothra and Ron Mucci (Rutgers)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Ko Lyn Cheang (Yale)
2nd Yixuan Liu (University of Virginia)
3rd Lorenzo Pinasco (Yale)
4th Jon Mann (American)
5th Nathan Master (American)
6th Sarah Wheaton (Swarthmore)
7th Will Duanmu (Georgetown)
8th Anish Welde (Penn)
9th Cindy Wang (Georgetown)
10th Karthik Ramesh (Princeton)