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APDAWeb - Results - George Washington II (2017-2018)


APDAWeb has moved to apda.online. The content on this legacy website is no longer maintained, but the site itself will be preserved for history's sake.

George Washington II (2017-2018)

41 teams and 44 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Kevin Healey and Ravi Simon (Brandeis)
2nd Isaac Klipstein and Sergio Valente (American)
3rd Mia Ehrenberg and Alexander Chang (Johns Hopkins)
4th Javaria Abbasi (University of Virginia) and Jessica Berry (William and Mary)
5th Joe Clancy and Ally Ross (Georgetown)
6th Zoe Morgan and Nena Gallegos (American)
7th Katy Li (Johns Hopkins) and Alex Johnson (Penn)
8th Eve Fidler and Abigail Moats (University of Virginia)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Zoe Morgan (American)
2nd Nena Gallegos (American)
3rd Jessica Berry (William and Mary)
4th Sergio Valente (American)
5th Alex Johnson (Penn)
6th Joe Clancy (Georgetown)
7th Eve Fidler (University of Virginia)
8th Kevin Healey (Brandeis)
9th Ally Ross (Georgetown)
10th Katy Li (Johns Hopkins)

Novice Team Results

1st Matt Simons and Dhruv Singh (Columbia)
2nd Claire Hungar and Marika Gutzman (University of Virginia)
3rd Grace Yu and Rhea Jain (Carnegie Mellon)
4th Adam Harrington and Malcolm Ferguson (Maryland)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Claire Hungar (University of Virginia)
2nd Will Duanmu (Georgetown)
3rd Jon Mann (American)
4th Rhea Jain (Carnegie Mellon)
5th Grace Yu (Carnegie Mellon)
6th Marika Gutzman (University of Virginia)
7th David Polefrone (Maryland)
8th Aba Tieku (William and Mary)
9th Dhruv Singh (Columbia)
10th Adam Harrington (Maryland)