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Mexico Worlds IV (2017-2018)

315 teams and 0 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Danny Debois and Archie Hall (Harvard)
2nd Sinan Ozbay and Sam Arnesen (Princeton)
3rd Harry Elliott and Bobbi Leet (Stanford)
4th Clyde Welsh and James Pacino (Sydney)
5th Steph White and Liam Gage Brown (Sydney)
6th Teck Wei Tan and Sophie Large (Oxford)
7th Justin Katz and Jim Huang (Yale)
8th Lee Chin Wee and Jason Xiao (Oxford)
9th Dan Lahav and Ayal Hayut-man (Tel Aviv)
10th Rory Flynn and Tejaswini Krishnaprasad (Durham)
11th Alasdair Donovan and Matt Hazell (Cambridge)
12th Ian Wu and Tim Lee (Cambridge)
13th Sourodip Paul and Sajid Khandaker (IBA-DU)
14th Syarif Fakhri and Shitab Daiyan Akash (IIUM)
15th Abigail McCarthy and Theodora Von Arnim (Sydney)
16th Nicholas Gerovasilis and William Berthelot (University of New South Wales)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Dan Lahav (Tel Aviv)
2nd Ayal Hayut-man (Tel Aviv)
3rd Steph White (Sydney)
4th Teck Wei Tan (Oxford)
5th Danny Debois (Harvard)
6th Sophie Large (Oxford)
7th Rory Flynn (Durham)
8th Bobbi Leet (Stanford)
9th Matt Hazell (Cambridge)
10th Harry Elliott (Stanford)