Corona support for freelancers and other entrepreneurs

Although some entrepreneurs and self-employed people have extra work, the corona crisis is a hard blow for most. Their turnover is falling sharply, while many expenses continue unabated.

Fortunately, there are some bright spots in the form of government schemes. We have listed the most important ones for you.

Special wellfare

The crisis has resulted in an additional assistance scheme: the Temporary bridging scheme for self-employed persons (Tozo). This supplements your income up to the social minimum. You can check how much that is on the website of the Dutch government . In this case, the government does not look at your partner's income or the amount of your equity, such as savings. You apply for the benefit through the municipality where you live.


Entrepreneurs can request a deferment of payment for income tax, health insurance premium, corporation tax, payroll tax and sales tax (VAT). You must report it. However, if you subsequently request a postponement, it will automatically be granted for three months. More information can be found on the website of the tax authorities .

Is the crisis expected to affect the amount of your annual income? Then you can ask via this webpage whether the Tax and Customs Administration wants to adjust the provisional assessment for this year downwards.


Entrepreneurs hard hit by the government measures can receive a one-time allowance of $ 4,000. More information can be found on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency .

Labour costs

Do you employ staff and do you expect a loss of turnover of at least 20% in three months? Then you can use the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW). This scheme reimburses a maximum of 90% of the wage costs, with retroactive effect from 1 March 2020. You can apply for the NOW compensation up to and including 31 May. You can read exactly how to do that here .

Business credits

The credit arrangements have also been adjusted. As a result, you can often borrow under favorable conditions or pay less interest. For an overview of the credit options, it is best to take a look at the website of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

For entrepreneurs with a business credit, it is also wise to contact their bank. Many lenders have themselves made certain arrangements to accommodate borrowers.

Extra measures

At the end of April, the cabinet took extra measures. You can read more about this here .

The Chamber of Commerce has also created a handy tool that allows you to quickly check which schemes you qualify for. You can find that tool here .