Save immediately and take advantage of the reduced interest

Interest has fallen sharply in recent years. Have you borrowed money in the past? Chances are that you will pay more than necessary. In that situation, you can immediately save with the transfer of your loan (s). You can transfer a revolving credit easily and without penalty. Also refinancing your personal loan often works out cheaply, depending on the conditions that your current lender applies.

Do you have multiple loans? Transferring this to one loan has various advantages. In addition to the low interest, it offers an overview, you pay one monthly amount and you can view the details of your loan in one environment. Click on the button below to transfer your loans and fill in the form. When filling in, you can specify the value of your current loan (s).

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Rates Personal loan based on a term of 10 years.

Credit amount Installment amount Debit interest on an annual basis Annual percentage rate Duration of credit agreement in months Total amount to be paid by consumer
$ 50,000 $ 502 3.9% 3.9% 120 months $ 60,269
$ 40,000 $ 402 3.9% 3.9% 120 months $ 48,215
$ 30,000 $ 301 3.9% 3.9% 120 months $ 36,161
$ 20,000 $ 205 4.4% 4.4% 120 months $ 24,168
$ 10,000 $ 106 5.1% 5.1% 120 months $ 12,719

This calculation is a guideline and you cannot derive any rights from it. We assume the lowest interest that we can offer you. The exact interest depends on your personal circumstances and can vary. The minimum term is 6 months and the maximum term is 120 months. The minimum interest is 3.9% and the maximum legal interest is 14% per year.