What are cookies?

Apdaweb Ltd uses cookies on its websites. A cookie is a small file that is sent along with pages from the website and is stored on your computer, tablet or telephone via your browser (such as Internet Explorer). These cookies can be recognized during a follow-up visit to our websites. Apdaweb as well as other parties can place cookies.

What are cookies used for?

With cookies, Apdaweb ensures, among other things, that you are recognized during a follow-up visit to our site. As a result, you do not receive the same information repeatedly and you do not have to enter the same information every time. Surfing on our website is therefore easier and more personal. We also use cookies for analysis, so that we can improve user-friendliness based on visitor behavior. In addition, cookies are used for (targeted) marketing activities where we can show you relevant advertisements on the websites of our partners.

Do you agree to the placing of cookies?

When you visit the site, a notification will appear in which the cookie notification is displayed. This indicates that by visiting our site you agree to the placing of a cookie. See below for more information on whether or not to accept cookies.

Can you turn off cookies?

We show the pop-up when you first visit our website as stated, we ask you to accept our use of certain cookies. By clicking 'accept', you give us permission to use the cookies as described in this cookie policy. If you no longer wish to receive cookies, you can set your internet browser accordingly. You can indicate via your browser settings that you will receive a notification when a web page wants to place a cookie. Adjusting your cookie settings differs per browser, you will usually find more information under the heading “help” in your browser. You can turn off cookies for advertisements via www.youronlinechoices.eu .


Apdaweb Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the cookie policy.