Private lease - Private individuals

Private Lease is possible for private individuals and can be used for both new and used cars.

Private Lease uses the future value of the car, making Private Lease a solution for driving a new or used car at competitive monthly costs.

Calculation of Private Lease

When calculating Private Lease, the monthly costs are adjusted to the purchase value, useful life and the trade-in value in the future. Because the car can still have a considerable residual value, it is not necessary to reduce the Private Lease to 0 US dollars. This residual value is referred to as the final term. You only pay interest on this final term, so you do not redeem it. The value of the car on the end date of the Private Lease agreement will be at least equal to the final term of the Private Lease agreement.

Tips at Private Lease

When financing a car, it is always wise to tailor the agreement to the useful life of the car. In practice, we see that many consumers set the term of a Private Lease agreement at 4 or 5 years.

By maintaining a fixed term, you have the guarantee that the financing will be paid off when you want to buy another car.

Features Private Lease

  • Lower monthly costs because the residual value is taken into account in the calculation
  • Developed for car financing
  • Fixed interest and a fixed term

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