Financial lease - Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you can use Financial Lease to finance a car.

By using Financial Lease you can buy a car without affecting the liquidity of your company. With Financial Lease, you decide what amount you want to pay as a down payment, what term you want to agree on and the depreciation on the car. A calculation will then be made of which fixed term you must pay each month. By using Financial Lease you spread the costs for your car and, moreover, interest and depreciation are tax deductible!

Because in Financial Lease the depreciation is based on the difference between the purchase value and the trade-in value, the depreciation is calculated accurately. This ensures that you do not pay too much every month.

Features of Financial Lease

  • Low monthly costs because the depreciation is based on the trade-in value
  • Developed for entrepreneurs
  • Fixed interest and a fixed term
  • Tax-deductible
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