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DALLAS, June 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – One of the dedicated roles of the American Board of Trial Advocates is to defend the independence of our judiciary. Judges must be able to exercise their judgment freely without worrying about the popularity of their decisions. When elected officials personally attack judges for their analysis of our laws, they are undermining the proper administration of the judiciary.

A federal judge in the southern district of California recently interpreted a law passed more than 30 years ago as a violation of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, as recently interpreted by the US Supreme Court. The State of California has exercised his right to appeal the ruling and Governor Gavin Newsom attended the press conference announcing the appeal ruling. The judge issued an injunction prohibiting enforcement of the law; he also granted a 30-day suspension of the sentence to allow an appeal. In his statements, however, Governor Newsom carried out a personal attack on the judge, calling him a “headstrong ideologue” and a “wholly owned subsidiary of the Gun Lobby and National Rifle Association.” Such personal disparagement of judges, regardless of their own opinion on the matter, diminishes the public’s trust in our form of government, which is limited by checks and balances.

The American Board of Trial Advocates is an organization of more than 7,600 litigation attorneys from the plaintiffs and defense boards The United States and is dedicated to safeguarding the right to a jury trial in civil matters, as stated by the 7. is guaranteedthe Change, courtesy in litigation and the independence of the judiciary.

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