America’s grand reopening is facing some turmoil


Everything opens at the same time and people really want to travel. When concerts resume, theme parks reopen, families reunite, lovers tie the knot and rebellious Americans dream of vacation, airlines hastily restarting their fleets struggle to keep up: American Airlines has on Weekend 188 flights canceled and hundreds more cut in the coming summer travel season. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby warned on Sunday of a longer-term cockpit occupation problem as the U.S. military trains fewer pilots to reduce global wars.
Security checkpoints processed 2.1 million people at U.S. airports on Sunday – most since March 7, 2020, before the Covid-19 curse struck. Flying itself, never a pleasant experience after September 11th, is now even less fun. Aside from wearing the mask on board, there were a number of airborne brawls as the travelers’ minds flared as they squeezed themselves back into aluminum tubing.

The aviation industry isn’t the only one facing turmoil as the U.S. moves from protecting against coronavirus to learning to live with it. The economy is recovering, but it is mixed. Many industries, especially in the hospitality industry, cannot find enough staff. A crime wave has gotten so bad that President Joe Biden plans to address it this week. Extreme drought in the west threatens to trigger a disastrous forest fire season and exacerbate the late-stage pandemic dislocation. And violent political rifts have only been widened by a virus that is uniquely capable of igniting cultural fault lines.

It’s not quite what Biden expected when he was planning a national party for July 4th to declare freedom from Covid-19. The “Roaring 20s” will have to wait a while.

“My serious proposal to the United States”

Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi said Monday he would not meet with Biden – and sounded tough in efforts to revive the nuclear deal with Iran. “My serious suggestion to the United States government is that they return” [to the agreement] in a quick way … that will prove their sincerity, “said Raisi.” The Iranian people have bad memories of the JCPOA, “he added, referring to the official name of the nuclear deal.

“The Americans trampled the JCPOA and the Europeans failed to keep their promises. I stress to the US that you have committed to lifting the sanctions – come back and keep your promises, ”he said in his opening statement.

Let’s make a deal

Barack Obama is back and he doesn’t mince his words.

The former president warned Monday that the US is in danger of being added to the list of once “living” democracies around the world that are “going into reverse”.

“We are not immune to some of these efforts to weaken our democracy,” Obama said, a day before Senate Republicans are likely to undo a historic effort to uphold the vote.

The former president had hoped to stay out of politics after leaving the White House (his predecessor George W. Bush walked in the dark for most of Obama’s tenure). 2018 and 2020 – when he issued an extraordinary warning in prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention that democracy was under attack.

Obama hit Republican senators on Monday who even wanted to prevent a debate on the voting rights law. The Voting Act sets national standards for postal voting, early voting, and registration for all eligible Americans. It would effectively expand the franchise at a time when many Republican states are building on Trump’s election lies to make voting difficult, especially for black Americans who tend to vote for Democrats. Republicans claim the bill is a massive federal takeover and undermines state power to hold elections. The constitution, however, retains the option for Washington to intervene in elections.

“Think about it: after an insurrection, with our democracy at stake and many of these Republican senators who agree that there were somehow irregularities and legitimacy problems in our last election,” Obama said. “You’re suddenly afraid to talk about these issues and find solutions in the Senate. You don’t even want to talk about votes. And that’s unacceptable.”

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