Biden Says He’s “Unlikely” To Get $ 50,000 In Student Debt Waiver, Detering the Notion of a Leading “Most Progressive” Administration – RT USA News

US President-elect Joe Biden will not go out of his way to scrape $ 50,000 in debt through executive action amid the pandemic, ignoring calls by some of the leading Democrats to do so.

While speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Biden began his response to the student loan forgiveness plan by saying: “I’ll get in trouble if I say this.” He then went on to come up with the idea of ​​executive repealing it “Quite questionable” Add, “IM not sure. I probably wouldn’t do that. “

The President-elect’s comment appears to be a total rejection of the plan advocated by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and also Congressman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) in the House of Representatives.

The former vice president appears to have rightly assumed he would receive backlash for his comment. After reading it, Twitter users were already disappointed with the government, which was often described as such before the election “The most advanced platform.”

“The uncomfortable moment when we have a better chance of getting Trump to cancel the student debt than Biden,” quipped one person, referring to the fact that Biden was supposed to be a leftist replacement for Donald Trump.

Before telling journalists that he disagreed with Warren and Schumer, Biden spoke out in favor of canceling $ 10,000 student debt amid the pandemic during the same press event.

Biden’s opposition to progressive executive action came after his virtual meeting with U.S. civil rights leaders earlier this month hit the headlines for similar reasons. During the session, the president-elect expressed disinterest in the idea of ​​executive action to alleviate racial justice issues and denied concerns about a perceived lack of African-American representation in his cabinet.

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