Butts County Prison Log | news

The following names and charges appeared in the Butts County Jail Logbook for the period December 14-21, 2020:

Kelly Michelle Arnold, 52, Lawrenceville, suspended sentence.

Xavier Jabar Banfield, 36, Helena, not single-lane driving; Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana; Possession of methamphetamine with intent to spread; Trafficking in cocaine, illicit drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine.

Byron Lee Bennett, 42, homeless, housed for US marshals.

James Edward Campbell Jr., 50, Flovilla, Receipt, possession or transport of firearms by convicted felons or felons first.

Joshua Vernon Christian, 24, Monticello, suspended sentence.

Hirone Betrand Cleveland, 57, Jackson, Level 2 Burglary (crime).

Jimmie Allen Evans, 55, McDonough, Selling a List I or List II controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Keith Gyrone Foster, 29, Macon, Driving while your license has been withdrawn or withdrawn (offense).

Markevius Antwon Henley, 18, Flovilla, Possession of List II Controlled Substance – Capital Offenses.

Shaqualia Janetta Jones, 25, Warner Robins, possession of marijuana less than an ounce; Possession of a List I or List II Controlled Substance with the intent to market it; Trafficking in cocaine, illicit drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine.

Chandler Ryan Moore, 35, Bristol, Tenn., Housed for US Marshals.

Anita June Norsworthy, 49, Jackson, Battery; burglary – 1st degree (crime); Robbery.

Jyoti Ramnikial Parikh, 59, Griffin, distracted driver; DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol; expired vehicle brand; hinder the flow of traffic.

Bobby Leon Parrish, 30, Gray, housed for US Marshals.

Alexius Shaikerra Patrick, 23, Jackson, warrant from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

Darryl Keith Rivers Jr., Griffin, suspended sentence.

Jaheim Raymone Tate, 18, Flovilla, possession of a List II controlled substance.

Lajavier M. Timberson, 52, Saltillo, Miss., Bouncing – Leaving the State – Crime; Non-appearance.

Raymond Douglas Utter, 55, DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol.

Willie Edward Grier Jr., 53, Flovilla, Fayette County Warrant.

April Renee Smith, 30, Jenkinsburg, driving while your driving license has been suspended or withdrawn (offense); DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol (2nd offense).

Alexandria Grace Stanfield, 26, Flovilla, DUI – Drunk Driving; do not drive in a single lane.

Bobby Gene Strickland, 56, McDonough, Monroe County Arrest Warrant.

Melissa Beth Ward, 41, Jackson, disorderly behavior.

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