Defendants Moving Down Indiana Supreme Court Review Due To COVID-19 | Crime and Courts


The Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices also mostly agreed on what they believed was the right path for Indiana law.

Of the 53 judges’ judgments, 77% were unanimous, another 18% were 4 to 1 and only 5% were decided 3 to 2, according to the annual report.

Crown Point-born Judge Geoffrey Slaughter retained his dissident chief’s crown in 2021, writing five full and three partial dissenting opinions and two concurring opinions.

Retired Judge Steven David, the longest serving member of the court at 11 years old on the bank, finished second with three full rejections and one approval.

Though data also shows David wrote the most opinions with 10 over the course of the year. He was followed by Justice Christopher Goff (9), Rush (8), Slaughter (7) and Justice Mark Massa (5). In addition, the court issued 14 unsigned majority opinions.

In addition to resolving cases, the annual report highlights steps the Supreme Court, as head of the Indiana state court system, has taken to align justice with remote working and other security measures designed to protect court attendants from COVID-19.

This episode of the “Riding Shotgun with NWI Cops” series takes viewers with local firefighters amid the flames and smoke.

This includes developing live-stream technology for district court hearings, remote oral hearings in the Supreme Court and Appeals Court, and even pre-recording Rush’s annual State of Justice address to the General Assembly.


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