Elections in Russia and Germany show where America cannot go


For those concerned about the future of free and fair elections in this country, the Russian and German elections offer warnings of the future if GOP Trumpsters get their way.

the Russian example is a terrifying preview of “managed democracy,” where Vladimir Putin’s ruling party maintains a thin coat of democracy but ensures it is the only possible winner. the German ballot shows what happens when the two big parties are so unpopular that voters scatter their ballots through a multi-party system.

Do you think these choices are irrelevant? Think again

Most Americans don’t want a “managed democracy” in which a losing party can turn the constitution upside down. But, urged on from the former president, the GOP has made the big lie its collective call. Fake “Audits” cleaner and verified 2020 state elections have become his vehicle for rallying grassroots and funders.

This attempt to falsify election results is a less virulent version of Putin’s approach. But it is leading the country in a direction the Kremlin is all too familiar with – namely, voice control.

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Of course the Kremlin is has powers that Donald Trump could never dream of. It can form fake parties and tolerates the Communist Party of the “Opposition” and the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party because they vote together with Putin’s “United Russia”.

But any real opposition grouping is silenced. Most of the independent parliamentary candidates – for example, those who openly opposed the Russian leader – were thrown off the ballot for allegedly forging signatures to get on the ballot or because they were foreign agents.

And the strongest opposition candidate, Alexei Navalny, was not only excluded from running for president, but was poisoned and sent to prison after his return from treatment in Germany. Even Nawalny’s anti-corruption movement was banned as “extremist”.

And Russian authorities steering almost all media. It also banned about four dozen websites associated with Navalny’s movement that helped voters gather in individual races for the strongest anti-Kremlin candidate (if there was one).

As a final straw, the Kremlin forced Google and Apple to remove Nawalny’s tactical voting app from their stores. Shame on you.

What does this have to do with GOP maneuvers?

The Trumpist concept corresponds to the Kremlin’s goals, even if the means are much more limited. This is to ensure that the votes always favor a particular party that supports a populist leader.

We are learning more and more details about how Donald Trump tried to empower Vice President Pence to unconstitutionally refuse to confirm the election result. Trump was supported by the majority of elected GOP MPs.

Trump praised John Eastman, a Conservative attorney, who spoke at the January 6 rally. We now know that Eastman is in one memo that Pence invalidates votes in seven states and only announces Trump’s re-election. Total unconstitutional, did not happen. But next time who knows

In addition, the GOP legislators are in at least 14 states Pass laws that seek to undermine and undermine the county’s electoral committees Foreign Minister undress their executive power. It did so after many honest Republican election officials, particularly in Georgia, refused to bow to White House pressure.

And many state GOP officials, including in Pennsylvania, are calling for so-called “forensic exams” modeled on the fake exam conducted in Arizona by Trump supporters with no experience of ballot verification. Even in Arizona, the polls went so smoothly that the exam couldn’t deny them, and even awarded Biden a few dozen more votes.

But Trump told his supporters at a rally on Saturday that the Arizona audit proved that he won.

In other words, no lie is too grandiose in the Strive for cancellation of the election Results to guarantee Trump doesn’t lose.

Obviously, the GOP Trumpsters are laying the groundwork to claim fraud in 2024 if their candidate loses and manipulate state-level votes. This is the first step in establishing a “managed democracy” here.

Let’s hope our system holds, the Supreme Court does its constitutional duty, and the voters who support democracy outnumber those who try to undermine it.

But the German elections, while thoroughly democratic, also predict a direction America shouldn’t go.

After 16 years Chancellor Angela Merkel, who led the center-right CDU, their party won less than 25% of the vote and was hardly ousted by the center-left Social Democrats.

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The big news was the fragmentation, with nearly half of the votes split between three other parties, including the Greens, which capture almost 15% of the vote, her highest ever. Building a coalition will be a major challenge. For the foreseeable future, at least, Germany will not assume the global leadership role that it had in the Merkel years.

If the United States made it easy to develop viable third parties (they don’t), we would undoubtedly see a split into a left grouping, a centrist party (or two), and a right-wing populist movement. Given the current disorder in Congress, this would guarantee even more.

It has never been more important for diverse Democrats to pull together and brave Republicans to challenge the Trumpists or join bipartisan efforts to get the country moving. This is the best way to push back against those who seek “managed democracy” – in which only one side can win.

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