Electoral board votes to keep Supervisor Fawkes

Election supervisor Caroline Fawkes (2018 file photo from VI Legislature)

The officer in charge of overseeing elections and voter registration in the U.S. Virgin Islands remains in office after the electoral committee voted to keep board member Caroline Fawkes in place. According to the chairman of the board, Raymond Williams, the vote on the whereabouts took place on Friday.

Fawkes is the third election supervisor to serve in the election of its officers since the Virgin Islands began voting. Her eight-year term of office expired at the end of August and a law passed in the early 2000s stipulates that the position of supervisor must be opened to new applicants after the term of office has expired.

The current incumbent is also invited to reapply for the position. When the board met on Friday, they had to choose between Fawkes and two other applicants, the chairman said.

“A majority of the board of directors voted to reinstate her for eight years,” said Williams. Along with that decision came another one that gave Fawkes a ten percent raise, but “it wasn’t without a lot of thought,” he said.

According to Williams, applicants who are considered qualified to hold the position are expected to have high skills. The election supervisor manages staff, oversees the creation of budgets for the Virgin Islands electoral systems and electoral committee, attends scheduled board meetings and provides activity reports as part of the agenda.

The polling officer must also testify before lawmakers and in most litigation that leads to legal proceedings. They also oversee voter registration, provide equipment and personnel for primary elections, general elections, runoff elections, and special elections. The management of the website and the website of the system is part of the catalog of tasks.

Knowledge of the Virgin Islands Electoral Law, which is codified in Title 18 of the Virgin Islands Code, is also required.

“It takes your knowledge and management skills, title 18 knowledge and people skills,” said Williams.

And after weighing their options, the majority of the board members decided that Fawkes still had what it takes. Afterward, Fawkes thanked those who supported her continuation.

“I feel humble and honored to have been selected to serve an additional eight years. It will pay off for the organization in creating stabilization and the community to which we are entrusted. This opportunity will allow me to continue to lead this organization into a bright future, ”she said on Saturday.

Fawkes said she looks forward to updating the system’s technology and introducing online voter registration capabilities.

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