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Sierra Leone Telegraph: October 29, 2021:

Norbert Neuser – a member of the European Parliament and the EU post-election mission and his team, held talks in his residence in Freetown with former President Koroma – the outgoing chairman and leader of the largest opposition party, the All Peoples Congress (APC). Tuesday.

Neuser said the mission is in Freetown to follow up on EU recommendations after the 2018 elections.

The EU is a regular and very strong supporter of the democratic process in Sierra Leone. One of their main activities is to strengthen election management through the provision of experts, logistical support and election observation. Following such monitoring, the EU usually presents a report with recommendations.

After the controversial elections in 2018, which the SLPP won by a very narrow margin of around 3 percentage points, the EU issued 29 recommendations – “These include, above all, improving gender representation in electoral offices, managing elections, especially counting “And calculation methods and the general transparency of elections,” said the mission team leader – election expert Dominic Howell. (Photo above: Norbert Neuser, Member of the European Parliament and the EU post-election mission, and his team met President Koroma in Freetown last Tuesday).

President Koroma reiterated his support for the implementation of the recommendations. He also shared his vast experience of conducting elections in Sierra Leone and Africa in general, highlighting issues of transparency, integrity and credibility of elections.

These are crucial for acceptable and peaceful election results, stressed the statesman.

In another development, former President Koroma also held a closed-door meeting with Ambassador David Reimer, the American ambassador to Sierra Leone. (Photo).

“I am very happy to have met Ambassador Reimer; we had a great and open discussion, ”said former President Koroma.

Titus Boye-Thompson said today of the high-level meetings former President Koroma had with the international community this week:

Pressure continues to rise on the Sierra Leone Peoples Party’s Paopa government to accept the expected democratic outcome of the 2023 parliamentary elections and, in particular, to take into account the choices people would make in these polls, both enabling and conducive to an even game Create atmosphere.

These feelings seem to be the powerful expressions made by almost all of Sierra Leone’s top development partners through diplomatic approaches and gestures towards the former president.

Following up on the visit of the EU Ambassador and the UK High Commissioner to his residence in Freetown on the same day a few weeks ago, the EU Follow-on Team arrived in Freetown this week to assess the progress made after the 2018 elections Recommendations from the then EU observer team.

The EU election follow-up mission, headed by Norbert Neuser, Member of the European Parliament, held talks with the outgoing Chairman and Chairman of the All Peoples Congress Party, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

According to a press release from the European Union Office in Freetown, “The purpose of the EU post-election mission is to provide a technical assessment of the state of play of the implementation of the 29 recommendations made by the EU Election Observation Mission in 2018.” Implementation of these recommendations is believed to have the integrity To improve inclusiveness and transparency of the electoral process in 2023 would avoid extending the presidential term.

Following consultations with the APC chairman and chairman, the EU delegation admitted that its intelligence intelligence spoke of a decline in trust in the key institutions that would ultimately be responsible for the upcoming 2023 general election, including the judiciary, the NEC, PPRC and the police.

These institutions were identified as critical to a democratic process and the EU follow-on team underlined the importance of trust as a necessary component for these institutions to do the right thing according to the Sierra Leone Constitution, otherwise failure would lead to a collapse of the the foundations of the democratic systems necessary for the credibility of the 2023 elections.

In his speech to the EU follow-up team, former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma with his support for the recommendations of the EU observer team to be implemented. Drawing on his extensive experience in election management in Sierra Leone and Africa, the former African statesman pointed out issues directly related to issues of transparency, integrity and credibility of elections, and also discussed how these commandments relate to peace , Stability and increased democratic dispensation within nations.

In another conversation, the former President met Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma met with the head of the US diplomatic mission in Sierra Leone, Ambassador David Reimer, after which the former president described their time together as a “great and open discussion”. The American ambassador was also optimistic about their commitment and is quoted as saying that the USA has an obligation to the country to see democracy flourish and therefore does not support one party against another.

Political observers have been rather concerned that these incessant demands for democracy, inclusiveness and credibility of the electoral process in Sierra Leone indicate that the international community is putting increasing pressure on President Bio’s SLPP government “Paopa” for seeing the bottom line This regime was less than convincing of its ability to administer or oversee a free and fair electoral process in 2023.

The prospects of regime change seem increasingly plausible to a failing and wasteful government.

On the other hand, one might suspect that the development partners are so openly approaching the former president as chairman and leader of the APC, the country’s largest political party, for approval of Dr. Ernest Bai. to demonstrate Koroma at the head of the party as he pursues his career as an African or regional statesman.

These moves suggest that it would not be wrong to have the APC chairman and leader in his new role given his proven knowledgeable way of running the party’s affairs through his vast experience in deepening democracy and deepening democracy of the party chairman according to the new constitution to continue to uphold the peaceful principles in the country. In short, Sierra Leone needs a steady hand to guide it through the tough times that lie ahead!


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