Federal Government Examines Progress With Rent Assistance And Fund Reallocation – NBC 6 South Florida


It’s much needed money for people who are behind on rent, but some rental support programs have been slow to get the money to those who need it.

The federal government now wants to know how much money local programs have distributed to those in need. Local governments have received two rounds of federal aid. The first round, known as ERA 1, began in January.

Programs with excess, uncommitted ERA-1 funds by the end of September may be asked to return the funds to the federal government and reallocate these funds.

Last week, the U.S. Treasury Department required programs to determine how much money was paid out to tenants in need or pledged to tenants who had applied. If 65 percent of the first middle round had not been spent, the money could be reallocated.

“Everyone has a few different eligibility criteria and things people should keep in mind when applying for these programs,” said Audrey Aradanas of Miami Homes for All, adding that some renters had difficulty getting help early on apply for.

But despite a slow start, she said many programs are cutting red tape in order to get money out before the deadline.

“These evictions are not only going away, evictions are not only expensive for the residents themselves, it is also an expensive process for our system, our court system, especially our landlords,” said Aradanas.

Miami-Dade County announced earlier this month that it had paid out all of its ERA-1 funds. The city of Miami also met the deadline. A spokesman told NBC 6 Responds it had paid out 83 percent of its money.

Broward County’s Rental Assistance Program failed to meet the deadline. A spokesman told us they paid out 41 percent of ERA-1 funding, adding, “We have received no indications from the US Treasury that our funds are being reallocated” and “We do not expect any funds.” be returned”.

Under US Treasury Department guidelines, local programs have the option to keep the money if they fail to meet the deadline if they come up with a plan to improve distribution.

This plan must be submitted to the federal government by November 15thNS.

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