Houston Bakery Celebrates 71 Years with Special Cookie Award and Fund


The celebration will be very different this year at Houston’s Three Brothers Bakery, but it will remain a celebration nonetheless. Despite the coronavirus pandemic that has severely affected its business, the bakery is now turning 71st Anniversary.

Three Brothers Bakery will commemorate the special day at their Braeswood location with biscuits for 71 cents each. Additionally, the bakery has launched Mitzvah Funds and is encouraging its devoted supporters to donate $ 7.10 to commemorate this special day. Mitzvah is Hebrew for good deed. After people got some media attention over their struggle to survive another disaster, people began sending money to the bakery to bake for others in need and to keep their team busy.

After Three Brothers Bakery received a series of “donations” and a grant from the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund sponsored by Spoetzel Brewing, the makers of Shiner Beer, Three Brothers Bakery decided to formalize a program. The donations help keep their team running, feed those in need, and the owners of the bakery give supporters a wholesale discount, allowing the funds to feed even more. The Mitzvah Funds currently support:

  • Emergency Aid Coalition: The EAC provides emergency aid to those most in need through packed lunches, food supplies, school supplies and clothing centers. The Emergency Aid Coalition uses the baked goods as part of their bag lunch program
  • Feed the Frontline HTX: FTFL is a non-profit organization that supports local restaurants in supplying health workers and first responders. The food they provide shows appreciation and gratitude to those who work on the front lines
  • Homeless and Hungry – Jay Hamburger: For over 30 years, Three Brothers Bakery has worked with Jay Hamburger to feed the homeless every week
  • Jewish Family Service: JFS is a non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities, mental illnesses, and the elderly. Three Brothers Bakery has worked with, and partnered with, their Celebration Company for over a decade to provide groceries to the elderly and needy in the Houston community
  • Restaurant and Hospitality: Second Servings is a nonprofit that works to end food waste in Houston. You are committed to providing 10,000 meals a week to the hospitality industry

For the third time in its history, Three Brothers Bakery is supported by the US Small Business Administration loan program – the first with a disaster loan after Hurricane Ike in 2008, the second with a disaster loan after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and this year with a PPP Loan that enables the bakery to weather the economic downturn associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After surviving four floods, a fire, and a hurricane, we are experts in small business disaster recovery, but this was absolutely the toughest one economically; what a difference a year can make, ”says Bobby Jucker, co-owner of Three Brothers Bakery.

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