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Karen Bus takes part in the LA Mayor’s Race

Congressman Karen Bus (file photo)

Congresswoman Karenbus is the latest candidate to compete in the Los Angeles Mayor Race. Bass will officially announce her candidacy this week, with supporters cheering across town.

For weeks now, many have been calling on the bus to run for mayor, so their confirmation is coming from South LA to the city’s West Side, among downtown residents and some San Fernando Valley voters. Will please the wide range of Angelenos.

Currently 37 US representatives in CaliforniaNS Buses in the parliamentary district have gained national status since taking office in 2011. Bass was among those considered locally after her nomination as a vice presidential candidate and the election of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris earlier this year. Substitute.

Her achievements in the House of Representatives were noteworthy, which added to her excellent reputation. She chairs the House of Representatives ‘Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations and the House of Representatives’ Justice Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Land Security. In 2018, Bass was elected chairman of the Parliamentary Black Caucus.

Before starting her parliamentary career, she worked for 47 people for six years.NS District of California’s Parliament. Bass made history in 2008 when he became the country’s first African American woman to be elected chairman of the national legislature. During her tenure, she received the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for her tenure during the Great Depression of 2007-2009.

Buses are already very popular in the city, and their admiration extends beyond country, gender and age limits. As a result, according to some political observers, she is participating in the campaign as one of the top candidates for the mayor’s office.

She confronts a diverse group of democratic enemies. They include LA City attorney Mike Feuer, LA councilors Joe Buscaino and Kevinde León, businessman Mel Wilson, and Jessica Lall, president and CEO of the Central City Association.

Karen Bass competes for LA Mayoress – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Karen Bass takes part in the race for the Mayor of LA – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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