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Local jurisdictions will receive a portion of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, signed by President Joe Biden on March 11, that will give state, local, tribal, and territorial governments 350 billion local governments representing 50,000 or fewer people. However, Stanley County filed for more than $ 600,000 which was earmarked for local government.

The city of Pierre received $ 2,479,788.83 under the plan but has not yet received any, according to city communications manager Brooke Bohnenkamp, ​​who said the city plans to use that amount to fund ARPA-enabled ones Use water and sanitation projects.

In May, the US Treasury Department released tentative final rules on how local governments can spend the funds from the bailout bill. In addition to spending directly related to responding to COVID-19, local governments can use the funds to invest in water, sanitation and broadband projects.

“Our current understanding is that they cannot be used to pay off existing debts, so it would be any expenses incurred between March 3rd of this year and late 2024. So this is the window in which we work. “Said Bohnenkamp.

County manager Kevin Hipple said that Capital Journal that Hughes County on Thursday received half of the $ 3,404,220 the federal government had allocated to the county under the law. However, Hipple said none of these funds have been spent and only preliminary talks have been held about what projects Hughes County would spend it on as officials are still unsure of what to use the money on.

“The US Treasury Department has not issued final guidance on how to use these funds, and it does not seem advisable to spend these funds until they have the rules in place,” Hipple wrote in an email on Thursday.

U.S. Treasury Department records show the federal government allocated $ 601,750 to Stanley County under the ARPA. But Stanley County Auditor Philena Burtch said that Capital Journal that the Stanley County government has not applied for a redevelopment grant under the ARPA.

“The guidelines are too narrow, so Stanley County could not spend any of the funds,” Burtch wrote in an email on Thursday.

Burtch didn’t respond to an email asking how tight the guidelines were at the time of publication on Friday.

Fort Pierre finance officer Roxanne Heezen was unavailable Friday for comment.

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