Macomb Clerk Forlini Hires Contractors To Look At Voting Machines – Macomb Daily


MOUNT CLEMENS, Michigan (AP) – Michigan’s third largest county, where voters backed former President Donald Trump in 2020, is hiring a specialist to examine its electoral hardware and software.

Working in Macomb County is no second look at the presidential election results. Rather, the Republican district administrator elected last year said he wanted to lead the state in “electoral integrity”.

One contractor, Pro V&V, will be paid around $ 16,000 to dismantle the district election server, Anthony Forlini said Tuesday.

Pro V&V takes pictures, records serial numbers and performs other tasks in order to obtain a “complete forensic picture” of the server and the hard drive.

“I want to make sure we are moving forward with the best practices,” Forlini, a former state lawmaker, told The Associated Press. “This is not about tipping over in 2020 or anything like that. … I am not worried about the past. I’m working on the future. “

Forlini said election officials were aware of the project and considered it a “good cause”.

Pro V&V, based in Alabama, has been operating in Georgia and Arizona since the 2020 elections. It is accredited by the US Election Assistance Commission to certify machines.

The Michigan Election Bureau “has always maintained that jurisdictions are happy to pay to have their systems checked” through accredited contractors, said spokeswoman Tracy Wimmer.

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