Marco Rubio is asking the federal government for $33 billion to help Florida recover from Hurricane Ian

This week from his seat in the US Senate Appropriations CommitteeUS Sen. Marco RubioR-Fla., requested $33 billion to help Florida recover from Hurricane Ian.

“Hurricane Ian made landfall nearby CayoCosta, Florida as a major Category 4 hurricane on September 28, 2022, causing catastrophic damage as it made its way through Florida. The state, its residents, and local governments need immediate help to begin the long road to recovery,” Rubio’s office said.

Rubio weighed why the funds are needed.

“The strength and resilience of Floridians is inspiring, but we have a long recovery ahead of us. Given the scale and scope of the disaster — by some standards the fifth-strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States — the federal government must play an important role in facilitating Florida’s recovery. I intend to ensure our state receives the emergency aid it needs to fully rebuild,” Rubio said.

Rubio’s plan called for nearly $12.4 billion to go to the Army Corps of Engineers and more than $10 million to the Army Corps of Engineers United States national coordinating agency for disaster relief (FEMA). The senator also requested $5 billion for the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program. Rubio also wants nearly $3 billion for that US Department of Agriculturewith most of that — $2 billion — going to the Wildfire and Hurricane Compensation Program and $1 billion for that Environmental Protection Agency (EPO).

The senator also wants $400 million for it National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration$300 million for that Small Business Disaster Loan Program$150 million for them Coast Guard$120 million for the US interior ministry, $125 million for that management of economic development$100 million for the US Department of Transportation and $50 million for the US Department of Labor.

Rubio requested $327 million in additional funding, including $100 million for the US Department of Defense to “repair facilities damaged by Hurricane Ian and compensate deployed personnel” and an additional $100 million for that Department of Veterans Affairs “to repair facilities damaged by Hurricane Ian and ensure veterans can travel to access safe, needed care.” Rubio wants $60 million for the US Department of Education “to help schools damaged by Hurricane Ian repair and ensure students and teachers, including those without housing, get the help they need.” He also requested $20 million for universities and colleges damaged by Hurricane Ian.

Rubio also pushed for $10 million for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), $30 million for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), $5 million for the Postal Service to repair facilities, $1 million for the General Services Administration to repair courthouses and $1 million for the Legal Services Corporation to “assist survivors with their civil legal needs,
including FEMA claims, probate issues, home repair contracts and consumer protection and
housing issues”.

The senator’s office warned that his request for funds could change in the coming days, noting that the $33 billion figure “will change as evaluations continue.”

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