NH Judicial Branch investigating why a restraining order was denied before the Salem shooting – CBS Boston


CONCORD, NH (CBS) – The New Hampshire judicial system is under review following the shooting of a woman in Salem, Massachusetts this week. Court documents show that 33-year-old Lindsay Smith was denied a restraining order against the man who allegedly pulled the trigger just weeks earlier.

Police believe Smith was shot in the head by 55-year-old Richard Lorman from Wilton, New Hampshire, Monday night. Lorman then killed himself, investigators said.

The 33-year-old remains in the intensive care unit, but her condition is improving. The owner of the Smith company works at released a statement on Thursday She says she is doing “wonderfully well”.

Lindsay Smith (WBZ-TV)

Smith’s colleagues say the two were previously in a relationship and she worked to obtain an injunction against Lorman. Smith had told the New Hampshire judge that Lorman was vengeful and threatened her life.

The judge issued a restraining order on September 21, but denied the restraining order a month later on October 20, saying it was not an abuse under New Hampshire state law.

In a statement Thursday, the New Hampshire Justice Department said that state Supreme Court Justice Gordon MacDonald had requested an internal review of the matter led by District Court Judge Susan Carbon.

This review should be completed by next week. After the review is presented to the Supreme Court, the results will be made public.

The Justice Department also said it would “create a multidisciplinary task force to conduct a systemic review of domestic violence cases in the judicial system.” New Hampshire Supreme Court Assistant Justice Anna Barbara Hantz Marconi will chair the task force.

New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu previously said he had appealed to the judiciary following the Salem incident and “confirmed that this matter will be investigated as much as possible”.


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