Nightclub at the center of the investigation by the Ministry of Health has been approved for thousands of PPP loans approved


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MEMPHIS, Tennessee – These are dark times for many small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and thousands have turned to the Paycheck Protection Program to ensure their employees get a paycheck.

One of those stores is the highly competitive In Love Memphis nightclub, which came under scrutiny last week after videos showed hundreds of people Party in a tent in the parking lot, most of them with no face covering.

Documents show that more than $ 91,105 in at least four forgivable loans of some kind have been approved to the club and its owner.

The loans were approved earlier this year and placed on US Small Business Administration documents.

  • One to Love 7144 Winchester listed for $ 47,562 with 55 Bank of Bartlett employees.
  • Another to William Curtis Givens at the same address was approved on May 2 for $ 20,835.
  • Two companies also affiliated with Givens will receive $ 1,875 and $ 20,833, respectively.

While records show that the loans were approved, it is unclear whether Givens received the money.

We left a message on someone who answered the number listed on the company’s website asking about the club’s status and the PPP loans they were applying for.

On Thanksgiving weekend, Givens’ event came under fire from city officials in his club’s parking lot. Images circulated on social media apparently showing hundreds of people partying shoulder to shoulder in a tent.

The inspectors from the health department had attended the party before it started and once before during the night, however, it failed to alert officials to close the event.

Shelby County Commissioners have now called for a change in the enforcement of major events like this one.

The club is currently closed after the events and will reopen next week as far as we know from your social media posts.

We have asked the health department to update your investigation and are waiting for a response.

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