Pitney Bowes gives small businesses access to same-day delivery services


Pitney Bowes announced the launch of a new service that will give small businesses access to faster, more affordable delivery solutions. Pitney Powers is a leading provider of trading solutions for transactions, shipping, mailing and more. The Pitney Bowes same-day delivery service enables small businesses to meet ever-increasing consumer expectations for fast and efficient delivery.

The same-day delivery service is provided through Pitney Bowes’ cloud-based SendPro online broadcasting platform. The tech commerce solutions provider is also introducing SendPro Delivery Assurance. The platform is a domestic delivery service for USPS Priority Mail business customers. The service enables senders to request credit for a shipping label fee in the event that shipping is delayed.

Both same-day delivery and SendPro Delivery Assurance services give small businesses peace of mind when it comes to time-sensitive deliveries.

Pitney Bowes Same Day Delivery for Small Businesses

Small businesses have long sought ways to give them a competitive advantage. In recent years, consumer demand for same-day delivery has increased. Statistics show that online consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 expect same-day delivery. 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for same day delivery. This sought-after delivery service enables small businesses to be more competitive and ultimately sell more goods.

More efficient management of time-critical shipments

Through its SendPro online broadcasting platform, Pitney Bowes enables small businesses to meet demand for same day delivery. With SendPro Delivery Assurance, small businesses can benefit from an efficient way to manage time-sensitive shipments while keeping costs down.

Commenting on the new shipping solutions, Jason Dies, EVP and President Sending Technology Solutions at Pitney Bowes said:

“For a hundred years, companies have trusted us to help them get in touch with their customers and partners through innovative technologies and services. Pitney Bowes Same-Day Delivery and SendPro Delivery Assurance represent the next exciting stage in this development as we move one step further from our competitors to offer compelling, reliable and differentiated services that add value to our customers and via a single one powerful shipping platform are accessible. “

Free package pick-up service

SendPro Delivery Assurance also offers small businesses a free parcel collection service at their workplace. Retailers can also benefit from free USPS tracking and up to $ 50 insurance on most shipments. There are no surcharges for fuel or for residential, land, and regular Saturday delivery.

As people shop online like never before, it is vital for small businesses to offer fast and reliable delivery in order to meet consumer expectations. Pitney Bowes’ SendPro shipping technologies are designed to help small businesses add value and reduce the complexity of their shipping services.

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